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In this digital age when counterfeit goods are so pervasive, keeping your brand protected is important and has now become a part of our commitment and service to you. Rev Branding is proud to announce that we are now an authorized provider of Stealth Mark Technology.  

Unduplicatable and undetectable to the human eye, Stealth Mark® Intelligent Microparticles provide absolute authentication.  Created with a proprietary material that creates a unique code, Stealth Marks carry distinctive meaning assigned by the customer and is machine readable. 

With trend setting affordability, Stealth Mark® Intelligent Microparticles are non-intrusive and complimentary of your brand packaging and strategy.  They are supported by code verification software that is portable, fast and accurate, and a Stealth Mark® Mobile App now available on iPhone and very soon on Android.

Learn more at www.stealthmark.com

Here at Rev Branding we stake our reputation on delivering products that our worthy of our client’s names.  
Delivering this best in class technology speaks to the very core of who we are and the standard that we hold to protect
our client’s brand reputation with attention to every detail.